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Q. Are you okay? I'm starting to worry about you while also not trying to seem annoyingly clingy ;^;
A. I'm okay, baby. I'm free today, I just got home from a shift <3
 Jul 1st 2018 00:03

Q. Can we have a roleplay where my character and Troye Kinsley are step brothers? I really wanna have a cute brotherly roleplay ;w;
A. Sure, baby <3
 May 5th 2018 20:34

Latest Comments

Hey babe, hope we can talk soon. I miss chatting with my Jim Jam XP
Apr 10th 2021 06:42

I miss you babe ;///;
Jan 6th 2021 05:25

Happy New Years! *Jumps into your arms* Thank you thank you thank you! I can't thank you enough for making 2018 such an awesome year! I can't believe that throughout this year we've managed to still stay strong. This is the longest I've ever been with someone and I'm glad that its with you. There is nobody else I would ever want the pleasure of being with than you~

Let's make 2019 our b*tch and have an awesome time! <///3
Jan 1st 2019 01:03

Merry Christmas my big olé teddy bear! This Christmas, I’m going to wish that you and all my friends stay safe so don’t ever worry if you’re scared or lost cause my angels will protect you. If there is one thing I wanna do before I’m a gonner is get a hug from all my friends and a delicate kiss from your sweet lips specifically~ Merry Christmas, goofy, I love you ^3^
Dec 25th 2018 01:37

Happy Halloween, ya weenie (Kisses your cheek) I’mma eat a boat load of candy and get sick tomorrow but today I’ll be your innocent angel. Let’s not worry about the small stuff and just have fun together~<3
Oct 31st 2018 17:23

Happy Sweetest Day, Jameson Lynne. I really cannot describe how much I love you, it’s really hard to put into words what I feel about you as most of the time I end up just thinking about how you make my heart beat fast and my head super woozy. Feeling these things is amazing especially when I know that these feelings are mutual. I love how much you make me wanna do the stupidest things just to impress you cause that’s how much confidence you give me. Let’s treat everyday like a party and wake up hungover in each others’ arms.
Oct 20th 2018 23:38

Night baby, sweet dreams~

I love you ♥♥♥
Sep 5th 2018 01:27

I'm sorry for not being here for you on this day, specifically. I know you're probably saying "What do you mean? I don't care" so nobody wouldn't have to worry but I worry. You don't have to be scared to talk to me about how you feel. For now, it may seem like a day you wish you can smile upon but, once we have lil Lucas, you'll eventually come to appreciate it as a day to remind yourself of the love between your special one and your child ♥♡♥
May 13th 2018 22:54

James Lynne, I've known you for a whole year now and I have to say that I'm thankful you gave me a chance to get to know you for that amount of time. A lot of people don't really bother with me but I couldn't care less because I know that I have one awesome person waiting for me at home, one awesome kid waiting to be born, and one awesome dream waiting to be lived. You give me hope for the future in a time when I feared it most. You give me a warm feeling of security. A feeling of wanting to grow stronger. A feeling of believing every wish can come true. I love you Jimmy James, I love you times one billion, and I'll keep on loving you as long as you will let me~
Jan 16th 2018 08:15

The joke was begging to be used -w-;

I'm glad you're back James. I love you too and New Years was pretty okay for me. Mom got me to make a wish using 12 grapes (I ended up eating them without really thinking of what wishes I wanted to say ^^;)
Jan 1st 2018 14:05