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Plots (WIP)


(Plots are not at all what I'm used to presenting. But hopefully I can get the idea across. Here goes nothing.

What you see down below is OC specific, but I can use some to other OCs, so feel free to ask.)

Rowan's Plots:

▪ Muse A was ready for the perfect isolated fall experience, all set up in their temporary scouting cabin home, just barely off the Maine islands. A month long camping trip so ideal, it was hard to come by. But things wouldn't stay lonely for long after finding someone, or something, washed up on the beach. It's like waking up in a fairy tale, Muse A thinks, but this someone is about to show them otherwise.

▪ Muse A knew the sea better than anyone else. To them, it was home on the water. Nothing could stop them from any kayaking made challenge. Maybe accept for the challenge itself. One trip out to the water didn't turn up so lucky in fact. But right when Muse A thinks they're a goner, the most unlikely hero shows up. The thing is though, he can't let his cover get blown, and with Muse A already finding him out, he's still debating weather to help them further.

▪ Muse A is just now hired into one of the most active marine biology centers in the state, a place known for its ambition and creativity towards solving environmental threats across the whole New England sea, NEMRC. Only the most trusted are allowed to work there. But as Muse A becomes more and more acquainted with their new workplace, something seems rather unusual about the more top secret locations within the base. Who know it had to do with the person they were working indirectly with/for. Hopefully finding out and spending time with things and people they shouldn't won't get them in too much trouble.

▪ Muse A had been working along side him through thick and thin. With the bond that they were growing, nothing could stand in their way among the unusual work place of NEMRC, but after a freak accident conducted by another employee of a partnering project, it's unclear if Muse A's friend will ever get the normal life they were looking for, or if he will ever get to feel like himself again.

▪ Working with NEMRC was never normal enough for Muse A to get comfortable with it. Especially with the presence of a catty merman in the building, but when a serious project and intensive field work is assigned to the both of them, they'll have to find some way to get along with each other eventually. That, and they suddenly start discovering things on the nearby Islands that shouldn't be naturally happening by their standards.

▪ It had been a few strange years already, having connections under the top levels of the mysterious NEMRC, especially with Muse A being able to once work side by side with the Rowan all the rumors were about. That was back then. Ever since the big decision was made by him that he would break from NEMRC and live off on his own uncharted, things had become rather normal and quiet. But one cloudy morning, a special someone turns up again and back into Muse A's life.

Ivan's Plots:

Edgar's Plots

Venus's Plots

Mel's Plots

Sprinter Plots

Gar's Plots

Satire Plots

Canons & Fanfiction

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Boy Pablo

Totem symbol:

A pink grizzly bear wearing teal sneakers.

Wave type:

spell (codependent)


temporary (24 hours)


Grants the ritual users magic projectiles based on the current feelings of romance or heartbreak, and the degree or strength of that feeling, through the individual using Boy Pablo at the time.

These magic projectiles are physically similar to high powered water jets, sometimes being strong enough to cut through wood and brick. Anyone caught in these projectiles will lose recollection of 15 seconds after the projectiles hit. Some projectiles can sun bleach the area that has been hit depending on the degree of the blow.


An individual's failure to use a projectile within the twenty-four hours equipping Boy Pablo will be faced with a hangover, immense drowsiness, or burn out the following day.

Only 10 people can equip Boy Pablo at a time within a 20 mile radius.

Projectiles from Boy Pablo cannot be used on the user's love interest, crush, or x-partner/friend.

Ritual instructions:

The user must display an object with the totem symbol depicted within the object in some way (ex: a wooden painted carving, a quilt design) on a table. A pure beeswax candle of any color must be lit next to the object. The user must then spend a half hour (or more if desired) confessing their love related feelings of any person to the totem symbol. The individual must use the name "Boy Pablo", while speaking to the totem, at least twice. After the individual is done speaking, the candle must be blown out, and the totem must be offered something of an innocent nature at least half the size of the totem symbol depicted (ex: a small flower, half a cookie, a crayon). The individual must then leave the ritual site unattended. This spell will then activate itself within 30 minutes. After that point the ritual sight can be disassembled or confiscated if needed. It is extremely rare for this ritual not to work.
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Dream Journal Entries

( A few three years back, I began working very hard on building skill in lucid dreaming. Though I never was able to figure out how to get things completely lucid, I got really good at recollecting what was dreamt up. These are some of my more crazy occasional dreams. A lot of these helped influence my style as an artist and writer afterwards. I've always wondered what it would be like to role-play these worlds.)

Yellow Town

The first thing I can remember from this dream is that it took place in a rural neighborhood. It was possibly very early spring or sometime around September before the snow usually hits the ground, and the leaves weren't on trees anymore or yet. Though the air was quite crisp, and most of the nature scenery had an almost completely grey look.

Keep in mind, all of this was dreamped out from a second person point of view and I'm nowhere in this dream.

This dream focused on a character that I can only suppose was a private eye? But regardless, he was very important to his family in some kind of role involving their well-being. His outfit was the same colors as everyone else and the environment around them, though his coat was tinted yellow.

His mother, who was the same age as him, told how their town used to be one of the most lively and flourishing towns amongst the others, but something happened before he was born and every plant life around them I guess died out and petrified. So he was given a responsibility to head to the town over which they both suspected was the cause of their town's demise, and to take back what made their town great in the first place, which is more or less some type of supernatural force.

When entering the other town, he was met up with a robot bear that almost looks skeletal and was a foot taller than him. This thing almost looks like a really really skinny refrigerator on wheels, boxy with stickly arms. It always had a pale sickly green to it. The bear explains to him that he was from his childhood and he knew his father who died trying to protect their family from a bad theft.

Once they got into the middle of the town, it had to be the right place because all the plant life there was more or less mediocre in the way it looked, but still living. Everything had a rather washed-out yellow look to it and most of the flowers there, if there were any, were usually autumn colored with less saturation than considered natural.

They then went through a maze of concrete walls with no ceiling or roof, collecting old tin boxes that had grey chipping paint on them. And as much as the protagonist wanted to know things, the bear refrigerator was being discreet about why they were there and told the private eye to run errands while it does something behind his back.

Eventually people from that town come forth to the private eye, and explained to him that there was no theft, and his town died out due to an accident they caused while several people were using themselves in some kind of scientific way to try and conceive him, revealing that he never had a biological father and his mother was an actor.

At that point, the bear refrigerator's cover was blown and they all find out shockingly that it was possessed by the private eye's dead brother from a previous lifetime. It then escaped it's cold mechanical structure into a Wi-Fi signal and then began to spread its lies and propaganda through outdated fax machines.

Meanwhile the private eye leaves the new town to go save the world from the refrigerator bear after teaming up with the talking frog from that one Ghibli film.

Aphids man, man!

Me and some people of all ages were at a skate park or a parkour gym. This area seemed to stretch to the span of a whole city, and there was no distinction if it was indoors, or outdoors. Everything was a light greyish blue. I can somewhat recall that we were mostly there for discussing the further development of the place. We did this as we were walking around. An old tall and thin but fit woman with puffy grey hair, and a young teen chinese girl took up most of the conversation.

Soon we were alerted by some athletes around the city that bombs had been planted all around it, and then a miniature insect like man floating in a glass UFO showed up to brag about it further. We were told that we didn't have a lot of time and people were already scrambling for a solution on what to do. But then the Chinese girl came forward and spoke up that she already had a plan.

She had made a small mud closet sized recording booth looking box that was designed to be a machine capable of redirecting each blow from the bombs and absorbing them. All we needed was a male sacrifice. That part was done in the most convenient way, a man that was not a part of our group had made his way into the sound booth like chamber and it locked him inside like a half-a-heart trap. There was no way to open it from the outside either, as told by a friend nearby.

Then, the explosions began to happen and some unseen person had hurled the sound booth high across the city, the sound booth absorbing each explosion, one after the other like a vacuum sucking up dust clouds from its bottom. The energy from the explosions supposedly channeled their way into the helpless man inside like an old CGI lightning effect, then making him the most powerful man in the universe. But he could still never leave his eternal sound booth prison, unable to have physical contact with the outside world forever.

Things soon became blurry, and I was somewhere else.

The people from the previous fragment and I were in an airplane. The airplane was stretched out with multiple big rooms, just like a train. There was almost a room for everything. One being like a slimmer and more cramped version of a subway's food court. Others felt like they could have been hallways to a hotel, the ones on the bottom lobby floors that direct you to pools and lounges and such. Everything was still a light greyish blue.

Some rooms were left to the community to rent as public places, and they were mainly left empty or with fold out tables and chairs available. I had a plan to make one room a one-person writing studio that people could use whenever free, but the amount of work to set up the room wasn't realistic since no one was offering to help. Eventually, some flight attendants told me that other plans were going to be set for the room and I could always try again later.

While meeting back up with people in what I think was like a train or bus like seating area with modern plastic designs, they right away brought up my previous idea for the writing studio. They seemed to look forward to it. I broke it to them that it wasn't going to happen anymore, and that we would have to work around not having the space, and that the room was now being used to house the sound booth with the man still inside. The room would also have to be locked down because the man inside the booth was having to be quarantined for being covered in aphids.

Hospitality Hotel

In this dream there is no real goal to be happening. Just the place of the characters in it were the only things the dream really considered mattering via delail to me.

It took place at a hotel that used to be a hospital. Some rooms weren't entirely fixed up yet and you could see where the remains of the hospital attire used to be. In some of these hospital rooms you could tell what they used to be for. Some people in this dream mentioned that they might be switching over back to a hospital eventually, since the hotel wasn't getting much business.

Some of the people in this hotel that I was able to interact with were Japanese street hooligans, an American businessman, a young wealthy rich kid that was no older than eight, a woman who was the hotel manager, and just some normal looking people that could have been campus students but they were offering to help fix up the place. They were trying to fix it up in a way that would deflect this other hotel guest that happened to be possessed by an evil spirit that used to accompany the old hospital. In other words, plans were to make the hotel impossible to navigate.

In one part of the dream, they were trying to drain a flooded part of the basement that used to be one of the boardrooms for the hotel. Doing this would also cure a few selected guests of these terminal illnesses that were not identified. The basement was able to be drained after I left to help fix things somewhere else, and as a result, some people by the basement were not too lucky and vanished.

This made me angry enough to try and fight this demon or whatever it was in the back parking lot of the hotel by the grassy woods. On my way there, I ended up getting lost and instead, explored some hallways. Apparently a nurse there was using one of the rooms still to treat a patient and couldn't let anybody know about it, since they had to come from another hospital.

Cherry Soda

The dream starts with a decilet mall or shopping district to an airport. It looks as if It hasn't been used in years, though nothing is falling apart and the shops are still fully stocked. Musk and algae crept out in between the cracks from the tiles covering the walls, just like in the movies. Lights still worked, but some were dimmer than others.

I was with a friend that I usually see at work sometimes. She was having a stressful day and I in turn was trying to make the moment a good one for her. I explored up to what looks like a basic airport goody shop. There were snacks and magazines, as well as a few drink coolers. When entering the shop, the floor elevates high enough at the entrance to make the ceiling feel a bit low for any modern shop, and the elevated floor becomes like a wooden ship deck about one foot in from the entrance. The walls were wooden panels of a similar aged aesthetic, and products on the shelves were set on dry grassy bedding.

I was trying to put in the suggestion for my friend to try and get something she never had before, basically daring her. She did get curious though. I debated weather to get a french chocolate bread wrapped in a transparent package with drown sticker labels, or something similar that instead had what looked like tart cherries and nuts in it. I don't remember grabbing either though.

There were clear cherry sodas on an old dark green gas station styled rack that I absolutely was looking to get ahold of though. The further down the rack, the bigger the bottles got, and at the very bottom was an 8pack still wrapped in its packing plastic. While I was grabbing one, I asked my friend if she had ever had clear cherry soda before.

Though, after all the browsing, I found myself short of money for the amount of things I wanted, and tried to leave in attempt to acquire my card somewhere. I took a different exit, and ended up outside in a puddle covered roadside. The plants around were very healthy and showing off a mass of dark tropical green. Surrounded by the black paved street and the towering plants, are tall concrete structures and walls looking similar to parking garages but with no entrances or windows. There were small circular (sometimes rectangular) drainage holes at about forehead level, all ten or twelve feet apart. I also remember the sun was heavily behind the clouds and was beginning to set, only no sunset was present.

There was a boy about my age there, and he was trying to figure out how he could get a car body shaped structure of light greyish blue mat painted metal up from half way in the ground. It was about the size of a kitty car. It also wasn't his, it had just been found. He spoke my language and dressed like an average person but he seemed to be feral. Not in a rage filled cence, but more as if he was like a stray dog or seagull who raised himself alone in the literal concrete jungle. I offered to buy him a clear cherry soda.

I was then in some kind of old decrepit abandoned manor. It could have passed as a classic haunted house. It was not at all well kept, and wet leaves and other natural debris covered corners of hallways and the bottom edges of walks, like some kind of Coco Rosie music video. Drops of water were seen creating ripples on puddles surrounding stylish victorian furniture that's colors were slowly fading to earthy tones. Fresh spider webs and stray tiny bird feathers were spotted on occasion, as well as reminiscence of small scavenging rodents.

Not every room was left to mother nature's reclaiming though. Some rooms were perfectly fine, but never at all brightly lit. The only light sources coming from maybe a ceiling hung lantern or a cobblestone fireplace. Regardless, the house always gave off colors of cooler hues and shades.

There were some people there too, just minding their own business. As well as some friendly yellow dogs I made sure to say hello to. Small northern dwelling birds were there too, and they were going crazy for some of the bugs and crickets crawling around the decaying spaces. Some birds were friendly enough to purch on my hand and they seemed to listen when I talked to them, moving their heads about in interest.

Even some butterflies amongst the bug crowd were going at it with bug hunting, but only doing as much as casually beating up smaller insects while still in the air. Eventually though, what was between bird and butterfly became a blur. Even their body movement became the same as each other, as if they smoothly and quickly all turned into a combination of both.

In one clean dining room like area, one being overtaken by multiple walls only spanning half way across the whole room with no real purpose or symmetry, a woman that I could describe to be a lot like MEpearl was verbally influencing and swaying a group of people to stay within the mansion. She was telling them and convincing them that everything was fine there when clearly it wasn't. She said things like everything anyone has ever wanted was right there anyway, and being a part of the outside world should be pointless. The other people were only playing along. A hip looking girl caught my attention and started talking sh*t about the woman in a chill dude like attitude. I asked her if she wanted a cherry soda. I can't remember her response.

While wondering into another room, I came across an elaborate display that was a barricade of fancy old furniture blocking the exit to a cozy fireplace lit room. The exit being a rather large archway, and the barricade itself was quite sturdy to an impressive degree. The feral boy from the first fragment was trapped behind the furniture barricade, despite there being gaps in the furniture wide enough for him to slip through with little effort.

His father had trapped him there, an important man that was the CEO of everything and his son was beneath him. He had placed the key to get out of the room right there in reach for the boy, just reachable by standing position. But there was also a chest in the room, so it was hard to decide what the key would be used for first. I ask the boy if he wants a cherry soda, laying a bottle on it's side and sliding it forward in the gap of a dining chair and a low standing coffee table at knee level. He seemed in a lot of distress, making noises and asking an unrelated question to the best of his communication level. Perhaps he didn't understand what a cherry soda was.
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(Here is alittle something I cooked up to help both you and me navigate through what I've created here. It will be a lot easier to search for the right blog, now that everything is snug in this post. As you can see, I've posted a lot so far. Be sure to tell me if some links aren't working.)


(coming soon)

Silvia (WIP)
Judy (WIP)
Gar (WIP)
Side Characters (coming soon)

~Other Cool Things~
Starters and bits I likes writing →

~On Waves~
Boy Pablo
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Waves (introduction)

Your Adventure Begins!

Hello! I am one of the many thousand Wave Handbooks out in the world this very moment, and this one belongs to you. With my help we can explore the fantastical reality of waves!

The situation you are in right now might be a very confusing and frightening one. You have been handed this handbook if you are either,

~ Suddenly have the belief that your perception on your everyday life is fake,

~ Beginning to second-guess what is able to exist and what isn't at a frightening level,

~ Now realize the unnatural control society and social norms have had on you, and want a way out,

~ Have unlocked your greatest creative potential through birth alone, or head trauma of physical/chemical injury,

~ Have witnessed something from a higher plane and now have unworldly things coming after you,

~ Have decided entirely to stop caring what other people think and how to hold yourself amongst the public for the rest of your life,

~ Have the overwhelming feeling that you are just a projection of a higher beings thoughts and your existence is extremely insignificant,

~ Have realized your mortality through an unusual and strange traumatic near death experience,

~ Or are going through, or have gone through any combination of the situations above.

That said it should be normal that you have a few eager questions. This book will help you answer them! So away we go on your new spectacular journey through your now altered perception of reality and into the wonderful world of Waves!

The information below is extremely important to pay attention to and your life may sometimes depend on it from now on. For complete satisfaction in learning all you need to know about waves, we advise you to stop panicking.

What are Waves?

Anyone will describe waves differently depending on who you ask, but the easiest way to define them is that they are manifestations of strong metaphysical energy lingering within the physical realm.

All waves are very different from one another and can do many different things from one another too, coming in different forms, and physically manifesting in different ways.

Some waves are harder to utilize than others, and some are unable to be commanded at all, acting on their own as they please. But as long as a wave user is strong and tactile with their craft, not much can go wrong. Always practice your wave usage.

Weaves can manifest as entities, things, places, and even non physical effects and events. Waves can be tied to a wave user, an object, or anything else that has physical properties. Sometimes even constructing their own physical vessels.

And waves can be used for good and evil, or anything in between the two. But using any wave always comes with pros and cons, good outcomes and consequences.

Like physical matter itself, waves can neither be created nor destroyed. They instead become manifested into the physical world and gain physical form.

Where did they come from?

No one is sure where waves come from and they have been speculated about for generations. Unlike most average forms of existence, scientific studies of waves have not been successful. But there are a few theories to what makes them exist.

Some believe it is the conscious energy left over from physical places, people, and things that have been destroyed. Others believe they are merely the chaotic creations of someone or some people on a higher plane of existence. And a few believe that waves are glitches in the fabric of reality itself.

Your New Point Of View

If this book belongs to you and whatever time it might be, whether you are just now experiencing the nature of waves or have been doing it for quite some time, this means you I have a particular point of view on reality that many others are not fully aware of and cannot be fully aware of.

An average person that does not have exposure to this particular subject, may not be able to believe you or be proven that waves exist, unless they also fall under the above perception altering circumstances.

Trying to expose an average person to the nature of waves is a lost cause, and can make you something of a labeled mentally ill person. So for the sake of your personal and individual well-being, it's a good idea to keep this obscure and spiritual craft a secret amongst you and other wave users only.

Yes, a non wave user can in fact see waves, but perception of waves to them is altered into a less conscious state. To them, waves will only be taken for granted, much in a way like a form of entertainment that is not particularly attention-grabbing, and will eventually be forgotten about completely as it's not ever on their mind afterwards.

Wave Types

The many different ways waves can manifest and effect is infinite. But for the sake of understanding things on a three-dimensional humanny level, we have split up waves into four different categories in the handbook for the convenience of learning.

Waves that are used while tied to the wave user, plain and simple. These waves use the wave user as a vessel in order to exist in the physical plane. Wherever the wave user goes a spell typed wave will have to follow.

Almost considered the exact opposite of spells, hexes are waves manifested in order to curse or bless a certain person, place, or thing. They don't necessarily need to use anything as a vessel almost all of the time, and are set into motion immediately after a successful ritual is conducted.

These are waves that come in the forms of physical beings. They can both do a wave user's bidding in agreement, or be completely their own person with their own choices. Just like a person, no two summon type of wave's personalities are the same.

These waves need either a place or object to physically attached to in order to work. Not exactly any of the above categories.

Wave Natures

The nature of a wave is basically what sums up whether a wave can manifest on its own, or with the help of a wave user's ritual. There are two categories of this.

Waves the manifest into the physical realm on their own free will. These waves are uncommon compared to other codependent waves.

Waves that manifest into the physical realm with the help of a wave user. These waves are unable to come into physical reality without a wave user conducting a ritual first.

It's good to not mix up waves that need rituals to manifest from waves that act on their own without a wave users orders. Just because a wave is labeled codependent does not always mean a wave user has complete command over it. Ritualistic Independence is not the same as personal Independence.


Totems are a specific visual symbolism that a wave uses to represent itself. In a way it's something of a waves trademark logo. Only this time it isn't for marketing purposes.

Some waves rely on a totem in order for it's ritual to be conducted correctly, and sometimes even to be able to manifest into the physical world. A totem alone does not always mean that a wave has been manifested and in effect, but it is still a key feature to watch out for.

Totems can also be used as a warning or calling sign to other wave users that are not using the wave depicted in the totem.


This is more or less a fancy word for the amount of time a wave can be used or exist within the physical world, within a given time.

Waves can be manifested into the physical world temporarily or eternally. Some waves can last a few minutes, hours, days, weeks.... etc. And others can last in physical form until a specific task is done, a wave leaves on its own, a wave user lets it go, dies, or if the wave's physical form or physical vessel is destroyed to some degree or becomes dysfunctional. It's a very uncommon trait, but some waves can even last for the rest of existence.

Basically, waves can be around in an infinite amount of different amounts of time.


Rituals are essential for most waves to manifest into the physical plane. There's the exception that some waves don't need rituals at all in order to gain physical form, manifesting into the world however they please or when they are needed the most. But a good majority of waves need vessels in order to come through to our world. Some rituals are really difficult to pull off, well others are done with great ease.


With every good outcome comes consequences, and with every craft comes restrictions.

Waves are not all black and white, and natural laws follow them. They can do some pretty cool things, but there's some things that they are just not allowed to do. These rules or natural laws are called restrictions.

There can be many different restrictions for one wave, just like how a wave has many different abilities and things that it can do. For example, say you have a spell typed wave that lets you do a particular thing but it has a restriction of only being able to be used at a certain time of day, or can only be used on things with certain characteristics.

Restrictions can be annoying as hell, but more times the most they can also be real blessings.

Getting Started

Now that we've got the basics of waves covered, it is time for you to get acquainted with your craft. Our only advice now is to find other wave users that you can trust or are willing to teach you more about it, as well as keep a strong, detailed log of the waves you witness along your new reality altered journey.

When you want to start using waves is up to you but it's recommended to doing it as soon as conveniently possible.

Good luck, and may safety and caution be on your side.
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