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(Melatonin Stars)
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Trash Clown City, United States
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I live to create. I do admit that I'm not the best artist, but it does always feel good to have made something. Outsider art and contemporary art is my favorite, but only if it's not driven for the sake profit or status.

Yeah, I'm kind of a sucker for all the senses. When I'm not listening to the radio or looking deeply at something, I'm usually exploring a new ingredient in my cooking or just taking the time to sit and let my find free flow.

I've been roleplaying for a long time and had first used it as a therapy to help recover from trauma and other personal obstacles. Back in 2016, I used a character in RP that helped me overcome some difficult life changes for good. Now I just RP for the sake of the aw and wonder of others roleplayers' imaginative worlds.

I am Adv Lit, a fancy way of saying I like to write my RP responses as if I was writing a book. I'm always contributing a few paragraphs at a time. As long as my RP buddies are using correct grammar and punctuation, I couldn't care less where their skill sets are at. I myself am still getting used to writing fiction, and everyone improves at their own level. I just started a writing hobby just a few years ago.

I'm a real sucker for the bizzaro fiction and urban surealism genres, love humor, and I enjoy RPing with a lot of trope deconstruction to. But never in a pessimistic sense. In fact, screw pessimism and drama in general. I don't have time for RP that lacks emotional balance or take the worlds beauty and mystery for granted.

My world builds and OCs are carefully thought out to be less cleche than their accompanied stereotypes. I make sure my characters have a lot more layers than first glance. Most of them aren't human, I admit, and when they are, my world builds are strange enough to make up for it. I guess it's just the style I'm into. Oh well.

Another thing before I finish up here, I'm not going to share my sex, name, or real location with anyone. My role playing, creative works, and inner personality is more representative of me, so just don't ask. I'm not going to let it spoil my time or image as a creative persona and would like to keep things in the imagination of others.

If you like any of my character sheets or my pf bio, don't be afraid to message me. I might not always be open right away for another RP or reply right away, but It's always nice and helpful to know who you can RP with when the time comes.