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19 / Female / In a Relationship
Roleplay with me! We'll go on an adventure!

18+ people only. It makes me uncomfortable knowing im rping with a 16 or 17 year old when im 19. So if you are younger than 18 or your account says your a ridiculous age like 115 you likely wont be accepted.

I really enjoy ancient or medieval based roleplays with a little romance sometimes, but I also really enjoy DC, anime and modern based roleplays if the plot interests me enough. I mainly roleplay with guys, i just get along better with guys but if your profile is interesting enough and your a girl im happy to rp with you.

I did have a big blog post about rules but i thought to dumb it down a little.

1. If you play the "pitty me " or "ive never touched a girl before" card to get my character to sleep with yours you blocked. If your going to act like a whiney child Im going to ignore you.

2. I dont care about intimacy between characters, as long as it comes naturally. Im not here for sex. If you are move on.

3. If your offline for days or weeks at a time. I can wait. But if I see you online several times over the course of two weeks i get real impatient and anxious about whether you like me or not and i will spam you. So reply or unfriend me.

4. If we are partners in rp does not equall partners in real life. So dont act like im your girlfriend im not.

5. Third person please. Ive tried first person. It doesnt work and it annoys me. Also i only rp here. So dont ask for discord or kik. Im not gonna respond. If i genuinely view you as a friend you might get lucky and get my facebook.

6. Not so much a rule as just a side note. Rps can get as dark as you want as long as you ask first.

7. If your account has no info its likely i wont accept your request.

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Q. Hello?
A. Its only been 40 minutes i chill
 Nov 21st 2019 06:05

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*Pokes with the friendship stick*
Apr 2nd 2018 09:43

Oh alright, best of luck on that!
Oct 10th 2017 04:47