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(Jade Moore)
16 / Female / In a Relationship
no need to know, only my gf gets that privilege~, North Carolina - United States
hello everyone im Megaera and i own @Crazy2Lane shes the best sub ever, and i will only rp if i want so if i dont respond its bc me and her are doing something or i feel like only being with her, shes MINE so dont even try and if i hear that someone tried something ill make her block you

yes im a female with something extra so hi! ^^


i have a lot of kinks so add me and dont be scared of anything i ofc have no limits
and i didnt take her from anyone she was always mine and she was probably your in character mistress, but shes my sub now

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Q. Are you happy with me mommy~?
A. hell yeah
 20 hours ago

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