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(Samara Uke)
29 / Female / Single
Osaka , Japan
Hi I’m Samara

Name: Samara


Occupation: field medic , solider , Mom

Location: Japan

Info: Samara parents were always tough on her to make sure she wasn’t seen as weak or to be picked on , Samara would learn self defence growing up in high school she had decent life occasionally got bullied her bullies thought she would make it in life . Decided to join the army to prove to others wrong she can survive.

History: when samara joined the army was tough she trained to go above and beyond as field medic and solider learning to defend herself has made her tough , samara has surviving guilt seeing her comrades die among arriving she decided to be mom look after her children the father is unknown.

Personality: fighter and fiesty , strict and kind

Hobbies: working out, hunting , shooting , helping others in pain , yoga

21 + romance and n*fw dark mature theme no realies , no wwe, no furry

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