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(Toruna Mayclaire)
25 / Male / Single
My actual profile is on RPC.Chat
Ask me for a link & I will give it.
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What am I looking for?
Dynamic storytelling.
With some elements of romance.
Any setting goes, don't be shy~
(Big fan of interspecie scenes;
Human x Furry / Scalie pairings.)

I am not looking for out of character relationships.
Likewise I only do straight pairings, as I have gotten bored of MxM and FxF for a long time.


Extra info:

Toruna is my own creation and copyright, I own him, all of his artwork and his story.
I thought I should make this clear, because some people on this platform assume I just rip images off of Google imagery.

Also would you like to share an artwork with me? I'd love to get more art with people.
My policy is that we each pay 50% towards getting the artwork together. Talk to me about this if you're interested!~

Latest Comments

I am opening commissions on Fiverr.
Interested? You get 50% off for a limited time~

Aug 21st 2020 21:33