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19 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
What's up? The name's Maya. I'm a Bi British woman (Slight female lean) who normally roleplays in fantasy or Sci-fi settings. I've been Roleplay off and on for nearly 8 years now and I like to think i'm at least somewhat competent.

My favourite roleplay genres usually involve fantastical elements and a sprinkling of romance. I'm really down to try anything though really. I do prefer to play my own characters, I think playing an existing character is restrictive, so sorry.

Some of my characters exist in their own mini world (Can be slotted into other worlds usually) where as others exist within already existing universes.

I don't really have rules, just some warnings i guess?
people who constantly reply with one line responses are usually quite boring, so i'll almost certainly lose interest if you reply like that.
I don't tend to do straight up sm*t, I don't mind my roleplays containing sexual content, but only if it serves a narrative purpose.
I live in the UK and have a full time job, so it might take a while to get a reply (maybe a day or two in some cases, sorry).


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