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that is good
Jul 23rd 2021 21:50

I am alright and you
Jul 23rd 2021 21:38

Definitely not my type. I don't like boys who break in half at the first sign. -winks at him- It is nice to meet you though ;)
Jul 23rd 2021 21:37

well that is awesome XD :"D hahaha
Jul 23rd 2021 21:33

Perhaps, depends on whose asking pretty boy? -looks at him, about to pound his hand into his fist-
Jul 23rd 2021 21:24

Thank you so much for accepting my name is Skylar but my friends call me Sky. :D :'D It looks like i am your very first friend XD Hmu if you would like to chat or get something started..
Jul 23rd 2021 13:37