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(the Warden)
24 / Male / Single
California - United States
Welcome to San Quentin State Prison, whether you're here because you lost a case or because you're here on a beyond scared straight program the inmates here will make sure you receive the right experience you deserve and one you'll never forget, whether that be one man or woman at a time or a group.

I accept Women, Neko Women and Men, and Femboys.

I am the Warden or 2 facilities, one prison full of males and the other full of women, i embody the inmates while the guards are only npcs, you play the visitor, an inmate, psychologist, a teen doing a beyond scared straight program, or a new security guard, I do hope you enjoy our environment and i hope you understand that i turn a blind eye to the cameras, as the Warden i do have a life of my own, i can only hope the inmates behave themselves.


• No one liners please
• If you add me please message me first
• This is no romantic getaway expect hardcore roughness
• I will ask you for your kinks so I know what to do and what not to do
• Let me know if you want me to roleplay a group of guys or girls or just one man or woman at a time

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Just updated my bio thanks to a friend @Quinn17
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