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MaxWasTaken's Blog

Limits and Favorites~

Not all of what I will do, but the highlights.~

Breeding, he's cursed by a succubus, take advantage of that.~
M!Preg, oviposition preferred for this. Just imagine pumping him full of eggs.~
Excessive cum, the messier the better.~
Cumflation, leave him gushing it.~
Knotting, claim him as your little toy.~
Futas, loves being d*cked down after all.~
Aphrodisiacs, make him needier than he already is.~
Tentacles, speaks for itself.~
Pet play. He's a good, eager boy.~
Using magic to alter his form, turn him into a neko for example.~

Scat, piss, or vomit.
Gore or vore.
Babyfying him, ex: diapers, pacifiers, etc.
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