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(Maurice Deido)
19 / Male / Single
Just the guy that is gonna be there to hold your hand when you die. I tend to be quite chill even though after I went to a shrink she said that my head is quite f***ed up. I have PTSD and chronic depression along with some schizophrenia but most just blame it on my ADD. I am not really a guy for sports but I do some strongman lifting. I think half the people I meet hate me and half love me but if you really think about killing me, make it something cool and kill me with a Tommy gun! I generally do anything but WWE and gore as long as it has a romance sub-plot.
I am bi myself but have a strong female lean.

I btw love movies, video games, anime and manga aswell as certain music. I am also a giant fan of DND and as long as it is pathfinder I would even say I am a champion at DND

Let's see if anyone can find all song references in this bio with the songs they are referencing :D (5 in total)

Btw, no, i do not play as a naked mole rat-human or an orc or... Yoda? Yeah, I don't know why I had to add that to my list but I had to XD

Latest Questions

Q. What is your obsession with "UwU"?
A. I like to UwU in people's bum bum
 Sep 17th 2019 09:34

Q. Hey, are you alright?
A. Not really, sorry, I will get to responding when I can
 Jun 30th 2019 18:42

Latest Comments

Unfortunately discord is a no for me, so I’ll just add you on snap
Oct 6th 2019 11:33

Quick question: Do you have a Snapchat or instagram?
Oct 6th 2019 11:11

Aaaand for some reason your chat was blocked on my phone so I won’t be able to answer for a while, apologies in advance.
Oct 6th 2019 11:00

Hey, just wanted to say I love our roleplay. You're awesome!
Jul 6th 2019 20:44