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(Maurice Deido)
19 / Male / In Love
Work in progress, last bio was an 11/10 on the cringe richter scale... Trust me, it was bad

Latest Questions

Q. Hey, are you alright?
A. Not really, sorry, I will get to responding when I can
 Jun 30th 2019 18:42

Latest Comments

Me too
Jan 7th 2020 17:00

Thank you for requesting!
Dec 26th 2019 07:38

Thank you
Dec 22nd 2019 13:31

Unfortunately discord is a no for me, so I’ll just add you on snap
Oct 6th 2019 11:33

Quick question: Do you have a Snapchat or instagram?
Oct 6th 2019 11:11

Aaaand for some reason your chat was blocked on my phone so I won’t be able to answer for a while, apologies in advance.
Oct 6th 2019 11:00

Hey, just wanted to say I love our roleplay. You're awesome!
Jul 6th 2019 20:44