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(Matty Halcyon)
35 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Imvu RP profile.

Name: Matty Halcyon

Age: 35(immortal)

Kingdom: Realm of Marbaden

Race: Morph (originally Human but can now only morph to non-human animalistic forms)

Height: Usually 6ft2 (much greater in battleform)

Weight: Varies per form

Background to present:

His story starts as any other human's...being born. Normal amoung others...knowing or perhaps wishing for more than he any other human.
Born to a young farming couple...the names of wich are long forgotten. He studied to become a scholar but alas the class divide provided, unwittingly, by his parents made that path difficult if not impossible.
It was from a meeting with academics at one particular school of scholars he was returning from that he became gravely wounded. Attacked and mugged by a roving band of thugs he despaired as he lay bleeding on the road. A dense fog appeared...or maybe it did not. It could have been is mind playing tricks. But what happned next would not only stick in the would forever guide him onwards.
The fog dissapated but only by a little. In the haze he could make out a dark, shadowy figure. This figure revealed itself to be of female form and not exactly of benevolent countenance. She sensed in him the determination to not leave this plain of existence. She asked of him what bound him here. He, no knowing why exactly, felt she already know the answer. But he answered, simply, anyway, "I feel i have so much more to achieve in life."
The mysterious female then introduced herself as the undead lich and soul taker Theo. She ruled over the underworld and the overworld. Although this did not make so much sense to Matty...he reasoned it would over time....should time be something he would be granted. As if sensing tis very thing the lich queen spoke: "so you believe your life is not yet spent, yet my council contradicts such a claim, but i suppose if yu are desperate to live with the mortals then you shall at the expense of your soul, and i shall grant you immortality, if you do my will, and the gift to change form, but the conditions are i own your soul, and you will be cursed never to live the days of a human, but only that of a beast, do you accept, beggar?" In this moment Matty knew where his purpose lay. He Humbly and gratefully accepted forsaking his life lived upto now. The Queen spoke one last time in this particular foggy realm: "then by the power writhing in me, with my council, dead of three, i grant thee immortal life, only filled with beastly strife, return ye to the land above, but feel the mortals push and shove, off ye go, by the power of me and my council, so mote it be." From this moment on Matty became immortal...a morph unlike any other. Unable to assume human form or inanimate objects...but the breadth of the animale kingdom at his disposal. Of course he is now bound to the lich queen Theo for eternity. Undying fealty to her and her Queendom.
Over time the Theo taught her new guard how to wield his power. The two became fairly close and even formed a close trust and bond. Eventually Theo bestowed upon Matty the title of Guard of the Queendom and protectorate of the living world...gathering souls. However those thugs that mortally wounded him suffered greatly. The dungeons at Marbaden are not a pleasent place. Eventually he would come to pity the humans....being so easy to tempt their souls away. He did not see it as ironic however as he saw his soul being sold for knowledge rather than greed and power as is so often the case. The more souls he reaped in Queen Theo's name, the more he relaised how crooked the human race really was. He pitied them and despised them. It was the simple fact they have the fredom to choose...but so often did not. Though he be bound to animalistic forms...he decided he'd rather be bound to this than be human.
The Queen had a mysterious adopted sister called Ivory. The origins of whom are shrouded in mystery and sadness. She has power equal to her sister, however. And is able to morph freely to any non-animate form. And also be able to feel the basic instincts of said form. Being the closest to him in this particular vein the 2 grow particularly close. One day when the Queen is absent for reaons unbeknownst, Matty and Ivory are left alone. He wonders if a spell has been cast, as ivory is smiling much more than usual (not hard based on her past). She feels sympathy for Matty....citing how she has been lead inexorably on a path she did not neccessarily choose or want but come to accept. Not knowing if the Queen would approve of such a coupling the 2 become firm friends and eventually lovers regardless. The Queen leanred of it...initially was not pleased but...almost as if her heart had softened little...chose to resist any vengeance of the unauthorised act. The 2 continued on with renewed vigour and also much reinforced fealty to their Queen. However the Queen swore changes were coming. Matty braced himself...

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