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(Matt Damon)
48 / Male / Single
Cambridge, Massachusetts - United States
Matt Damon;

One of Hollywood's highest-grossing stars; man of gay aptitude; Ben Affleck's best friend; an absolute diva of an icon; a legend.

What I Roleplay:
Original characters

Any plotline, any time, because I'm not picky. Lengthy responses most times are to be expected from me. :)

Latest Questions

Q. How about we hang out in jockstraps and eat ice cream instead? ;)
A. Very tempting! Vanilla ice cream, right?
 Aug 25th 2018 20:59

Q. You just get me so thirsty! lol
A. Better get you some ice water lol
 Aug 25th 2018 20:56

Latest Comments

Dec 12th 2018 17:44

I miss you more you! Unfortunately life’s been f***ing me over and I’ve just been not having the best time of my life rn. I miss you SO MUCH and I’m always here for you ❤️
Oct 3rd 2018 17:17

After a sh*tty week I come back and I always smile when I hear from you. I love you so much!
Sep 26th 2018 20:16

Awww I love you moreee

I’ll always be here for you too. Always <3
Sep 22nd 2018 20:04

Glad you noticed <3

I know how much Alyssa loves her Red Bull and I love talking to you so I put those two together

You keep me woke obviously <3
Sep 12th 2018 18:23

Awww thank you darling! I will <3

Lots of love coming your way <3
Sep 11th 2018 18:09

carter, i am bored
Aug 27th 2018 00:08

u look good enough to be my daddy
Aug 25th 2018 03:34

My favourite sweet would have to be some nice milk chocolate ^^ That or haribos
Aug 25th 2018 01:02