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(Erik Lensherr)
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The man that would become known as "Magneto" was born Max Eisenhardt in Germany during the 1920's to a middle class Jewish family. His father, Jakob Eisenhardt, was a World War I veteran and a proud German. The family struggled against discrimination and hardship during the Nazi's rise to power, the Nuremberg laws, and Kristallnacht. In the early 1930's, the family fled to Poland, where they were captured during the Nazi invasion and sent to the Warsaw Ghetto. They managed to escape the ghetto, but were captured again. Max's mother, father, and sister were executed, but Max survived (potentially thanks to an early manifestation of his powers) and was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Magnus worked as a carpenter to support the family and for a time they lived happily. One night Magnus was attacked and instinctively lashed out with his mutant powers of magnetism (which had never surfaced before due to a bout of scarlet fever as a child), killing the attackers. Later that evening, he returned home to find his house on fire, with Anya trapped inside. Magnus rushed inside to rescue her but he was too late. Enraged at the death of his beloved daughter, he used his new powers to kill the surrounding mob that started the fire. Magda, terrified of her husband's strange abilities, fled to the forest and never saw her husband again.

When Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker attacked a young patient named Gabrielle Haller, Xavier and Magnus used their powers in order to save her. Following the battle, Charles and Magnus realized they had very differing ideologies. Magnus disappeared and the two friends would not meet again for many years. During the next few years, Magnus worked for the CIA hunting Nazis, but this association ended when they murdered a girl he was becoming close to. Magnus would not be seen again until he became the mutant known as Magneto.

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Q. While Wanda was off in search of teenage Billy, the the two little twins were placed with Erik. Billy had dashed outside Erik's home, carrying his sippy cup and started walking in the street, convinced if he walked far enough, he could find Wanda.
A. Erik was looking around as baby Billy had walked out of his home. He had just put Tommy to sleep and goes off to find Billy, where ever he could be.
 Oct 4th 2018 22:02

Q. Pietro wasn't any less furious about being forced to live in a new country. As their feet first touched the ground of the new territory, the speedster looked up at Erik. "And where are you living? I don't expect you to leave America and be gone from your perfect little grandkids. And what makes you think Hydra won't track me here? This plan is stupid."
A. Erik was embracing the view of Genosha as he was standing on the balcony from his very palace. "Genosha is a place Hydra has yet to locate, Pietro.-
 Aug 31st 2018 12:37

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- *He nodded with a small smirk, he understood what his future self was saying.*
Jun 14th 2018 21:29

"Well im glad to have met my future self at least once. Good day to you."
Jun 14th 2018 21:20

"Me from the future? Interesting, Fancy a drink?"
Jun 14th 2018 20:30