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Markus_White's Blog

Markus White

First Name: Markus Steven
Last Name: White
Nickname: Mark or Marky

Age: 24
Age appearance:22
Gender: Male

Relationships: ((depends on the role-play))

Class: middle class
Nationality: White British
Birthday: 21/06
Personality: Outside of the ring, Markus is a sweet, caring and gentle person but under his persona of the Dark One within the ring he is a brutal yet fair fighter who never takes risks unless they guarantee his victory within the match. But when he is out of the ring and in public, he is a kind and compassionate person who will always protect his friends even if he hates them within his gimmick. He never lets WWE stories get between his friendships outside of the ring.

Weight: 124lbs

Hairstyle: Short and smartly trimmed
Hair Color: black
Highlights: N/A
Facial Hair: A small beard
Eyes color: Blue (red contacts when in ring)
Eye shape: normal
Body-build: muscular yet lean
Body type: normal but flexible skinny and lean but beefed up
Skin Tone: golden brown
Facial tattoos: N/A
Body tattoos:Grace tattooed on the back of his left wrist with a heart and dagger behind it
Body piercings: N/A
Facial piercings:N/A
Facial Scars: N/A
Body scars: N/A
Language: English
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