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(The Dark One)
19 / Male / Single
United Kingdom

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Hi everyone, I am reallysad to say this but due to certain situations I will be away from roleplay until July at the latest, but Ipromise that as soon I'm back I will do my best to reply asap and make it up to you for disappearing... today i will do as much replys as possible, so sorry
Mood: depressed
2  May 8th 2020 13:04

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Q. i think its your turn love
A. Sorry darling, lost internet connection
 Feb 14th 2020 20:12

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hey! thank you for all the good words...who wouldn't have drooled over those abs!;) I would definitely love to roleplay with you. :)
May 3rd 2020 11:02

Apr 10th 2020 19:43

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Aug 30th 2019 15:54

Still there?
Aug 3rd 2019 02:56

Hey it's been a while
Jun 29th 2019 16:35

Jun 1st 2019 18:30

You there?
Apr 12th 2019 17:53

Apr 12th 2019 13:03