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(The Dark One)
19 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
"Markus White. What can I say about him? Well, he dominated his way through NXT to become a seven time NXT champion, a four time south-American champion, a two time tag-team champion and a two time NXT UK champion. Now that he is in the WWE Raw roster, I can see him going very far in the future" Johnny Gargano, NXT Champion

"Markus White is a brute despite his size. Well I guess they do say it is the small ones you look out for. I sure wouldn't want to have him as a number one contender for my title" Velveteen Dream, South American champion

"Markus White is a good fighter and still is worthy of any title in the WWE. He is the best fighter I've ever been in the ring with" Pete Dunne, former NXT UK champion

"Mr. White is definitely going to be one of our biggest assets within the company and I can promise you that he hasn't missed a step since given his Raw contract and I am fully looking forward to his debut this Monday after Wrestlemania" Vince MCMahon, CEO of WWE

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