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(Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton)
48 / Male / In a Relationship
New York - United States
         S.H.I.E.L.D. PERSONNEL

         username: ************
            password: *********

             access granted...
          loading S.H.I.E.L.D. file...
      〝You're gonna miss each and every
      shot you can't be bothered to take.
         That's not living life--
      that's just being a tourist.〞
agent: Barton, Clinton Francis "Clint"
alias: Hawkeye     clearance: Level 7

age: 47          D.O.B.: June 18
gender: Male

citizenship: American    place of birth: Waverly, Iowa

base of operations: Bedford-Stuyvesant
occupation: Avenger; Former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent
education: High school dropout
languages: English; Russian; Chinese; Italian; Japanese;
        Arabic; American Sign Language

height: 6' 3"           weight: 230 lbs (104 kg)
hair color: Blonde       eye color: Blue

family: Harold Barton, father - deceased
    Edith Barton, mother - deceased
    Barney Barton, brother - unknown

skills: Master archer; master marksman;
   master assassin; master martial artist;
   expert pilot; expert tactician; expert acrobat;
   expert hand-to-hand combatant;
   peak human sight;

backgroud: [. . .]

      you do not have high enough clearance
        to access this portion of the file

         do you wish to continue?
              Yes     > No <

             closing file...

             I Love You, Bitch
            I Ain't Ever Gonna
         Stop Lovin' You, Bitch

       Thought You Were uwu
        Turns Out You're just owo



| H e a d c a n o n s |

Latest Questions

Q. [Text: I'm ordering pizza.]
A. [Text: Are you telling me this just to rub it in my face or is this your way of telling me to come visit? Because I'm coming over either way.]
 Jun 1st 2019 02:08

Q. Bucky opened Clint's door, a bag of Zev's things on his back and leash in hand. His expression was troubled and, under his jacket, he was wearing his tactical gear.
A. The movement of the wooden door caught the corner of his eye, alerting the archer that the entrance had been opened. He glanced up from his phone screen, frowning slightly--
 May 31st 2019 19:44

Latest Comments

Bucky jimmied the window of Clint's apartment open, knowing the archer was probably still asleep. He pulled an item out of his pocket, leaving it on the windowsill.

Satisfied, he closed the window and disappeared.
May 18th 2019 11:17