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(Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton)
47 / Male / In a Relationship
New York - United States
   "Where's the cake and brass band, huh?
            Hawkeye's back!"

         Clint Barton | Hawkeye
          Member of the Avengers

       ♥ Badass Honey Badger ♥

| H e a d c a n o n s |

Latest Status

"I have a theory that Fury is like a T-rex and if you don't make any sudden movements, he can't see you."
6  May 21st 2019 21:02

Latest Questions

Q. I'm pretty gay for you, Barton.
A. Yo, that's convenient 'cause I'm gay for you too, Barnes.
 May 21st 2019 03:10

Q. [Text: you know, if we dated, I bet the media would call us Clucky.]
A. [Text: Yeah, my name first cause I'd obviously be the top ;^)]
 May 19th 2019 13:29

Latest Comments

Bucky jimmied the window of Clint's apartment open, knowing the archer was probably still asleep. He pulled an item out of his pocket, leaving it on the windowsill.

Satisfied, he closed the window and disappeared.
May 18th 2019 11:17