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26 / Female / Single
Nevada - United States
Hey there!

Due to my intense love for this character, I just had to make a profile just for her!

Name: Marishka 
Age: 20-29
Species: human
Sexual orientation: bisexual 

Looks: Marishka has long, bright red hair that’s usually pulled back into a fluffy ponytail. She has deep, brown eyes and full pink lips. She’s tall and thin, but very fit. Her body is tone and covered in elegant tattoos. She keeps herself dressed in black leather clothing, but still likes to show off her many stories written into her skin. 

Likes: Children, Snakes, Tattoos, heat, singing. 

Dislikes: anything cold, hate toward children, spiders, arrogance.

Backstory: Marishka was born to very religious parents. Her mother dressed her in frilly dresses, and her father pushed her to be a very well behaved girl who never stepped out of her element, although she always had a passion with fire. Her life changed when a traveling circus came into town, but it wasn’t just any circus. It wasn’t just lions and clowns, but oddities from all over. The lizard man, the fortune teller, and her favorite, the fire eater. She would sneak out to watch them perform and one night, the fire eater caught her sneaking into his tent as he practiced. It was then she decided to be who she was. She ran away from home, tagging along with the circus. She grew from a child to a young woman, learning the art of fire eating as she did. Marishka also has gained control of that very element. It completely bends to her will and it never burns her skin. She’s now a master at it along with playing with fire, and she travels with her circus to the next town... unprepared for what happens next... 

Don't be afraid to add if you like her!

Intetested in other characters including another circus member? Check out my original account! @JinxxFiree

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