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(Makoto Naegi)
18 / Male / In Like
West Fargo AKA The Coldest Place In The USA, North Dakota - United States
Hiya! My Name Is Makoto Naegi! I'M Not Very Popular On Here So If You R Viewing My Prof Than You Likely Know 1 Of The Following Ppl!
@AoiAsahina @CelestiaLudenberg @KyoukoKirigiri @ToukoFukawa @ByakuyaTogami @ChihiroFujisaki
That Is All In This Section! :D
My RP Variety Is Large! I Do Any RP.
But Mainly Romance Or Furry Maybe Some Family RP!
I Also Do Fantasy Often!
HMU 4 A Kewl RP!

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Im So Bored I Wish Someone Could Text Me So If U See This Could U Plz Text Me Because I Want Something 2 Talk About):
Mood: bored
2  Apr 30th 2019 12:06

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Q. Did celes-chan actually block you!?
A. Yes:(
 Mar 27th 2019 18:08

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. yes
 Mar 12th 2019 17:07

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ima just place this here...
May 16th 2019 19:08

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Apr 30th 2019 00:05

Naegi. You suck.
Apr 29th 2019 23:49

Gay slutty dorito.
Apr 26th 2019 23:29

Mar 27th 2019 18:08