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(Makoto Naegi)
21 / Male / Single
United States
Hey there, welcome to my prof! I am Makoto Naegi! There's not much I can put here― because if I'm being honest, I'm a completely average boy, just living my average life. So it's hard for me to find things to put here that not everyone else says, or does

To start it off though! I'm a totally open and optimistic guy! I'm a little more... peppy then your average guy! If I have to say something that not everyone else says, haha

And since this is an rp site, I have to tell you what I rp! Right?
Well, I rp all kinds of things really! I have all sorts of interests― I know lots of anime, movies, cartoons, and others shows. I also play some video games, and know a few book characters! But only a few since I don't normally read... but yeah! So I also have a problem with rping... I prefer 2nd person, 1st person, or asterisks― and I can't go over a paragraph of five or six lines... I feel under pressure when I write more then that and I kinda become repetitive past that time when writing over six lines. Anyway, I have some ocs, but I don't make them a lot so you probably shouldn't expect more coming anytime soon... I prefer ocs over canons actually, I also play myself a lot, so if you have a problem with that we might not be able to rp... But I can play canon characters on requests!

I think that's enough for this bio―
thank you for reading, and I will hopefully see you later! :)

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A. yes
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