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19 / Female / Single
United States
I’m still working on this! Sorry if it’s bad...

-About Me!-
* I’m not new to role playing! I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now so I’d say I’m decent at rp?...
* I’m pansexual so gender isn’t an issue!
* I’m up for talking if that’s what you want to do...
-Role Play Rules-
* If I don’t respond quickly please do not spam me. Only send a message/spam me if I haven’t responded in a day or so
* Ero role play is fine! Just give me a bit of story!
* I role play most things so I’m sure we can find something we will both enjoy!
* No power play/ god modding
* Please no one liners! If I put effort in the role play then it would only be fair if you do too! I understand sometimes one liners work so it depends on the role play!

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