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20 / Male / In a Relationship
Fort Collins , Colorado - United States

Hey I am Makasu and I like to rp a lot but what you doing Lol haha I stupid but I am a teenage boy just weird and sweet I guess haha I have been acting weird lately and sorry but I am back and normal now thank God but I liked being different a little but I am alright now I think Lol anyway message me if you want to talk or rp either one I do and if you need help with something like if you are sad I got you too but I do everything except furry and I must let people know I also do....well stuff but just message me if you want to rp or just talk or need help um so talk to you later um yea haha

Latest Questions

Q. Can you reply to the rp again I accidently deleted our messages
A. The messages deleted for me to
 Jun 20th 2016 14:15

Q. Did you get my reply ??
A. yea
 Jun 12th 2016 14:27

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I love you babyboy so much ❤
Apr 10th 2016 15:45

thanks for accepting my friend request
Feb 17th 2016 23:31