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(Magna Hilker)
21 / Female / Single
Alexandria - United States
Welcome to my profile! I will only roleplay the walking dead on this account!

Experienced when it comes to roleplay. Pretty straight forward when I don't like stuff so don't get your feelings hurt.

Now I know that many here to n*fw roleplays. If you are here for that only then move along. I do adult themes but it must have a proper build up and not be the focus of the roleplay.
The themes I do are not for light hearted people, many include action, romance, adventure, violent, [email protected], along other dark themes.

Now for my character!

Magna is a tough as nails survivor who isn't easily impressed, due to be living on the road for some time. She's a formidable leader and describes herself as an unpredictable animal, dangerous but also caring. Her personality makes people to never feel too comfortable around her, nor believe they figured her out. She loves her group and would do anything for their well being.

Not much is known about Magna's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she grew up in an environment where later in life she would find it difficult to trust in others. She also worked as a truck stop waitress.


At some unknown point, she took revenge for her cousin and murdered her rapist. During her trial, Magna fell in love with her lawyer Yumiko, and they later started a romantic relationship. Eventually, they lost the case and she went to prison where at some point she received a tattoo.

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Q. thanks for the ad. wanna set up a rp?
A. Sure!
 Jan 13th 2022 17:37

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Ty for accepting ♥️
Jan 14th 2022 03:07