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109 / Female / Its Complicated
Vermont - United States
You may have heard my name before, it's never been uncommon for my legend to spread. But if you are unfamiliar, I am the one and only Madame Croft; and you should always address me as such. I am a woman who demands the utmost respect when spoken to. It may sound arrogant, but living for as long as I have should has earned me the respect of the world by now.

If you haven't yet surmised I am in fact an immortal vampire. Well by technicality I am in fact a half-vampire, but that in no way hinders my natural talents. In fact in most cases it tends to make me stronger than most pure-bloods. However it truly is irreverent; as I very rarely even get into scuffles these days, and more often use my abilities for my own entertainment.

In my old age I've stopped worrying about territories or influence in the world. Not that I ever truly cared about such things, and have spent most of my days finding wonderful female playthings to entertain me! In the olden days it was quite an obsession keeping up with "collections", but now a days it's just nice to have some lovely company around my domain.

However, that does not mean I am not without my rules. To even think of serving me requires oneself to be strictly disciplined, honest, and well behaved. Otherwise harsh punishment will most definitely be in the future.

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I'll get my big replies out later tonight. Also happy birthday @Golem hope I'm not too late!
1  Jan 19th 2021 20:02

Latest Questions

Tengu asked the question
Q. Hey, I know that its hard to be here for all of us at all times but don't let that fool you into thinking you aren't absolutely amazing, okay? if you need breaks, even a long one, we aren't going to hold it against you, ever. These are stressful times even for someone like you, so I felt like erring on the side of caution and telling you this.
A. You're a good girl Nana. You and poor Kimmie both have been a bit neglected recently and I know that. I appreciate you telling me. I foresee a break for me in the coming future.
 Jul 22nd 2020 23:32

Tengu asked the question
Q. Haha, what if you like, bit my jugular and drained gallons of my blood?

Like, as a joke hahahaha

A. Well I don't drink blood anymore. Even though I have plenty of other sharp things to go at your neck, a punctured jugular and a lost gallon of blood equals one bad time for one Nana...
 May 23rd 2020 01:45

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Jul 18th 2020 09:41

I'm glad you like it? I do believe it's a better adjective for me
Jun 22nd 2020 09:49

Oh, my. You noticed, did you.

I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or not
Jun 17th 2020 10:16

Still the best undying vampiric mistress
Feb 17th 2020 19:23