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(Vanessa Croft)
108 / Female / Single
Virginia - United States
Why hello there world. My name is Vanessa Croft, though anyone with a brain will give me a proper title. I may seems a tad bit arrogant, but when you've lived as many lives as I have you'll become someone worth giving respecting.

So long as I do not find you a disrespectful little twat, you'll find I can be quite nice in fact. Though I do have a tendency to bite. But fear not, it is only because I am a vampire. Of course being a half-vampire means I do not require blood to survive necessarily, but what's wrong with wanting a snack from time to time?

In my old age, I have started looking for new thrall to serve me. I find myself almost exclusively taking in young human women, however I do find myself fascinated by the females of exotic species.

It may have been a couple centuries since I last explored the worlds of magics, as of late I do seem to have a peaked interested in the magical arts. Or at the very least the magical arts outside of my natural abilities of course.

I do hope you are brave enough to enter my presence. If not, I only feel sorry for you. I hope to meet you all very soon.

Latest Questions

Q. So what can you do? Like magic wise I'm really curious what your powers are.
A. Well beyond my vampiric abilities I use a lot of base elemental magics. But I don't often openly reveal my abilities, ruins the surprise.
 May 6th 2019 22:09

Q. So I assume its mid-evil times since I didn't get a response I just want to make sure before I start.
A. It really doesn't matter when. I've been alive for a very long time. But I am currently too busy to give out good replies, so I'm taking a little break. Don't worry, I'm not ignoring you hun.
 Apr 29th 2019 08:57

Latest Comments

Better not leave before sending all your girls into the Manor!
Jun 1st 2019 10:55

Even If I met you by accident as you took me for another, I am glad fate made the most wonderful mistake so that we could make so many things right. I've fixed broken hardships for you and you've fixed my numb heart more than once.

Virtuous I am if not pleasured or aroused, happiness you brought me and You truly remain everlasting to me.
May 31st 2019 16:38

O why? I love the pic looks great <3
May 8th 2019 10:21

Btw I found this pic while looking for a cute anime girl I thought you might like it. Since it is the same char as yours technically by looks anyway but they have a different name. Sorry if you don't I just thought it was super cute.
May 8th 2019 10:03