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(Vanessa Croft)
108 / Female / Single
Virginia - United States
Why hello there world. My name is Vanessa Croft, though anyone with a brain will give me a proper title. I may seems a tad bit arrogant, but when you've lived as many lives as I have you'll become someone worth giving respecting.

So long as I do not find you a disrespectful little twat, you'll find I can be quite nice in fact. Though I do have a tendency to bite. But fear not, it is only because I am a vampire. Of course being a half-vampire means I do not require blood to survive necessarily, but what's wrong with wanting a snack from time to time?

In my old age, I have started looking for new thrall to serve me. I find myself almost exclusively taking in young human women, however I do find myself fascinated by the females of exotic species.

It may have been a couple centuries since I last explored the worlds of magics, as of late I do seem to have a peaked interested in the magical arts. Or at the very least the magical arts outside of my natural abilities of course.

I do hope you are brave enough to enter my presence. If not, I only feel sorry for you. I hope to meet you all very soon.

Latest Status

I think I need a little break. I might try to get some responses out tonight. Otherwise I think I'll be gone the next couple of days.
4  14 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Do you actually think 'good girl' and I should be in the same sentence?
A. Why shouldn't they? I believe even gal can be a good girl for me.
 Apr 4th 2019 15:41

Q. I'm hopping on that reply right now, and yeah..maybe just a little bittt.
A. Well I'll be sure to beat you just the way you like. And maybe give you a treat if you're a good girl.
 Apr 4th 2019 14:15

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