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MadMischief's Blog

Rules, bits, and sundry

"If it were easy, everyone would do it."

It seems rules are required, so in a spectacular stream of consciousness, and therefore no particular order, rules and notes and so forth

-Rule number one (1)!
Yes, this one is in order. Don't be a d*ck. The utmost important rule. Not to me, not to others. We're all here to have a good time.

-Obligatory "if you add me" qualifier:
If you add me, message me! If I add you, also probably message me. I am, rather ironically, cripplingly shy. This is a problem, but I am doing my best.

-Over 18s!
Yes, I do rp with minors, but no, I will not be doing smut with you.

I do like so //. If you see //, I am talking as the author, as myself, and will try to be friendly, if not a little sarcastic and markedly Australian.

-Speaking of Australian!
I am in a very weird timezone to the rest of the world. If I reply late, if I am on at /weird/ times, that's why. Bear with me.

Just, roleplay with me, message me with ideas, hit me with starters, throw questions at me, I encourage creativity, I encourage you to explore all your wild ideas, all your canons and headcanons, play your character however you want to. If I'm asking questions, if I'm exploring your ideas, even if I sound frustrated, I /love/ working out the details.
(Also, I am winging it harder than Paul McCartney.)

-My Loki is /not/ out to get you.
He /isn't/ the bad guy. My Loki is a little lost, he's curious, sarcastic, sits on his lofty, haughty attitude, but he isn't inherently villainous. Please keep this in mind, and don't jump down my throat, in character or out. Nine times out of ten, he's literally just taking the piss.

It's a thing people do. It isn't /all/ I do, by any means.
I will likely be multi ship? (And I will take frostiron to my grave with me). I can get behind mostly anything if it's presented well

-That being said!
No Thorki, I will stab you so many times in the spleen, I swear. All the brotherly affection, none of the incest, please and thank.
No underage, no non-con, no panky without the hanky.

I think that covers it? Yes? Good.
Welcome to Casa De Loki, enjoy your stay, please don't lose your keys, wallets, or minds.

(Edit) Side note, my blog and page are plain on purpose. I can't bloody well see a thing otherwise.
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