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(The Carnal Murderer)
21 / Female / Forever Alone
Haa haha! Blood! Love it. So fun! What was that, again? You're gonna save him, right?! So why're you running?! That's a weird way to save someone!!

Hey! I'm back! my old account was called Carnal I'm sure some of you runts'll recognise me, so yeah I'm back to wreak some havoc!

Rules! (Better read these or I'll beat the sh*t outta ya!)
1# The user of this account is female and the character she plays is male do not expect her to edit the character she plays to accommodate yer trousers.
2# This account is here for gore and violence, practically if ya need a big bloody brute then here's the gal to holler!
3# Please, ask any questions you want I don't bite, yet.
4# No I don't do Sm*t, Snuff is cool though.
Quick note: The user isn't a native English speaker so sometimes her word choice and spelling might be a bit wacky.

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Hi there, MUSCULAR! Now that you're online again, wanna continue our roleplay from 16 days ago? it's your turn to reply, you know.
Oct 11th 2020 11:33