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(Jeon Heejn)
18 / Female / In Like
Seoul, Korea (South)
Hi. I'm Jeon Heejin but you can call me Jin if you wish.

I love meeting new people and providing hugs so hmu any time and I'll supply love.

I'm a sucker for candy so watch out I may be too sweet to handle.

He's definitely like my big brother. If anyone hurts him I will make sure you choke on a lollipop. The little sister is feisty. ~ @DoSoo

I don't know what happened to me when you came into my life but i'm glad you did. I was going through such a bad time but you came and made everything better. You're already my entire world ~ @GEMINIECHO XXJAN.14.19XX

Latest Questions

Q. You really should tease me like that, that was naughty, although I won't lie, a pleasant surprise from a beautiful woman. You were trying to make me jealous huh? It workeddd, angel.
A. I'm going to continue to be a bit of a tease. I love seeing your reaction.
 Jan 13th 2019 21:04

Q. "Ooh...I don't think so, sweetie." He replied, grinning. Shaking his head playfully at her cuteness.
A. "Did you like my little surprise I posted? I should be sending them to you personally but I wanted to see if you'd get jealous or territorial" Heejin smirks
 Jan 13th 2019 21:00

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