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(Matthew Noszka)
26 / Male / In Love
Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania - United States
I'm Matthew but you can call me Matt. I am a model but also love to Surf, skate, You know the simple things in life . Family is everything . . and everything is Family.

Please add me if you like what you see, look forward to hearing from you all.

Don't be afraid to say hi, I don't bite.... Normally!

Latest Questions

C_LAUREN asked the question
Q. Excuse me sweetie, are u going to change ur status lmao?
A. Maybe :P
 Mar 24th 2019 13:57

C_LAUREN asked the question
Q. Matt do u like our rp?
A. Yes, of course x
 Mar 9th 2019 11:32

Latest Comments

Everyone wants to report Matt for something, but rn he is happy with me and all of you should be happy for him so plz think twice before u ruin a relationship and someones life jealousy is an ugly monster don't let it rule you
Mar 24th 2019 22:12

Baby! We're both online
Mar 12th 2019 17:38

"Hey hun! I saw you have accepted my request not long ago, just thought it would be nice to greet you." Bailey made a silly face, giggling afterwards. "Send me a message if you'll like. I don't bite."
Jul 8th 2018 01:14

I miss you.
Feb 26th 2017 15:17