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(Duke Wabalabagadagabagagagamagablah! )
20 / Male / Single
Neebsilvainia, North Dakota - United States

May the Nikos rise and have PANCAKES

Hi! I'm MCGPY! I am a gamer, good with legoes, build models, and have a large interest in politics. I like Halo, DOOM, bionicle, minecraft, Star Trek, and other stuff.

Also, if something happens, and I'm in an rp with you and don't respond right away, or take a few days, that's cuz I'm busy. I have a job and lots of homework to keep up with, so I am really busy. I will get to responding to my messages though, so please be patient.

Ok I'm making this post because there has been a repeating problem that i want to deal with. If I did something in an rp or on a comment or something that you disliked. TELL ME! I've had to deal with a few people who won't tell me and either just get pissed nonstop or give me riddled answers i can't understand. Even if it's something that's you mentioned on your user page that you have a problem with PLEASE REMIND ME. I can't memorize everybody's rules ok? I will unfriend you if you refuse to tell me.
Ok, I guess it seems to be a thing to make rules. So here :P

1. Potato
2. Another potato
3. "Asta la Viesta, baby."
4.Yes I just quoted Terminator
5.Don't forget your aluminum hat. I don't want to be in an rp, when suddenly the frickin ILLUMINATI takes your brainz over!
6. ...Ok, you probably think I am crazy now.
7.Welp, I guess that's it
8.Your still here
9.What else do you want?
10.On seriously, that's it
11.Ok, oquard
12.Ok, you must be pretty pasient er something so, have a beer ?I hand you a beer/
13.Ok seriously!!! Your still here!?
14.Get a life!!!
15. /Aims chaingun at you/

Figured I'd try this place out.

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Q. Flood+demons=?
A. Equals a horrific monstrosity that looks like my mother
 Oct 8th 2017 19:41

Q. *walks into room full of lekgolo worms* damn it the curly fries have taken over
A. DON'T SAY THAT WORD! I have to hear that too many times in a day at work! XD
 Jul 23rd 2017 22:12

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Aug 20th 2016 22:50

hey your turn
Feb 29th 2016 02:12

hi please to meet and i was wondering if you would like to chat for a bit
Jan 14th 2016 16:48

No problem. <3
Sep 22nd 2015 20:07

Welcome to the site!
Sep 22nd 2015 20:01