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(Photo ManIPS eeP)
21 / Female / Single
California - United States
                      I make PHOTO MANIPS!!
                            photo edits with your friend or partner or whoever you like!!!

          name of face claim 1:
          name of face claim 2 :
          relationship: (for me to know what kind
           of manip i should come up
           — meh, that's just all i need for the manip :-)
        take note though :

              i'm a college student,I have sh*t to do and tons of deadlines.
             y'all won't get sh*t from me if ya rushing my ass out. if you do,
                 do my homework then or make your own manip ty
      also, if you happen to find my main rp account, don't bug me asking where
          your manip is ; thanks again
PLEASE READ MY BLOGS before sending a request !!!

Latest Comments

Hello! Thank you so much for accepting my request, I look forward in expanding our friendship and hanging out with you! X. Scarlett. X
Aug 22nd 2018 12:57