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(Billy Hargrove )
29 / Male / Single and Looking
Hawkins, - United States
Hello, Welcome to my Profile thank you for clicking on it! You are here because you are curious about who is my rp characters are please check out my blog section yes I do play Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things but I am also a Multi Character account so far I just have one OC but down the line I will create more so check out as well Elijah my OC in the blog area!

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Natasha smirked a little * is hargrove speechless? * she chuckled lightly * how about we take this private? * She smirked some more
Sep 16th 2022 10:54

Natasha heard him and her cheeks grew red * uh.. I mean, i could be on the menu
Sep 16th 2022 09:47

Awesome :) I'll meet you at the restaurant, what would you like? *she asked lightly*
Sep 16th 2022 09:36

Hey, want to get some breakfast with me?
Sep 16th 2022 09:11

You're welcome Billy!
Sep 11th 2022 23:37

she laughed * I don't really taste the sour but I also can't taste sour that well.
Sep 10th 2022 23:00

She laughs lightly before giving it a sip * that's actually pretty good * She laughed * It is supposed to be sour?
Sep 10th 2022 22:47

She smiled as she took the drink * I never had it actually, normally just have whiskey, is it good? * She asked softly
Sep 10th 2022 22:33

Natasha goes and sits across from Billy * I will join you * She smiles at him
Sep 10th 2022 22:20

I would love too. Could use one honestly
Sep 10th 2022 20:47