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(Just call me Lycan)
19 / Male / Single
The Desert, Nevada - United States
I'm back! Did ya miss me?

I've been roleplaying on this site for a long while, so don't worry about inexperience when you hit that add friend button up there~

I'm very flexible for roleplays, meaning I can roleplay pretty much anything!
> Any plot!
> Any setting!
> Any length!
> Any POV!
I can do MxM, MxF, FxF, and more fun pairings with femboys and even girls with a little extra~

Feel free to add me so I can make your roleplay dreams come to life~!

Now let's get this out the way, I'm a full time student. Crazy, right? I also have a life outside of this site so please, please, pleeaase don't spam me if I vanish for a day, I'll be trying my best to not make a habit of it~!

I've been overwhelmed with roleplays before, and I'm making sure that doesn't happen anymore, I'll be keeping my friends list under 50 so if you vanish on me for weeks, you'll have to go. Sorry but it's just for me and my mental stability!

I promise I'm a fun guy, I'm also very supportive. So if you need someone outside of roleplay, I can be that as well as a great writing partner!

There's nothing left, why are you down here?

Uh oh... turn back now. I can't guarantee your safety...

Ngh... I warned you!

Hehe~ Hi <3
Tell me something no one else knows~

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Q. why so spicy
A. 'Cause I live for the spice!
 Feb 5th 2021 02:22

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