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(Telula Blue )
28 / Female / Single
Chicago, Illinois - United States
Hi telula blue

So here’s my story:

When telula was a kid she had powers her parents and friends abandoned her to island where she meet her sister to be Cannibal luring sailors to there deaths she that wasn’t right one day escape the island arriving in Illinois , Chicago meeting Stefan Salvatore and Kluas , Rebekah Mikaelson , Rebekah and Telula were enemies but envied Rebekah until she meet the noble Elijah Mikaelson who has visited twice of mystic falls in the Mordern times she’s friends with Elijah , Rebekah, Kluas , Kol , marcel , Freya , Elena , Bonnie , Caroline , Matt , Tyler , Jeremy . Then meets her sister Sybil and her other adoptive sister arguing who’s the best and lest sisters try to mend there ways was killed by Kade .

Personality: misunderstood, flirty , sweet and caring

Hobbies: singing , swimming , practising fighting, meditation, reading magic

Sexuality: bi- sexual

R/S: single

Love interest: Elijah , Matt , Damon , enzo

Friends: Elijah , Rebekah, Kluas , Kol , marcel , Freya , Elena , Bonnie , Caroline , Matt , Tyler , Jeremy , enzo , Damon , Stefan , Alexis , Davina , Lucien, Vincent

Enemies: Mikel , ester , Aura , Tristan , Finn , Katherine

18 + romance and n*fw dark mature theme

TVD, the originals , suits , NCIS

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