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23 / Other / Single and Looking
Next to you, Your bed - Sweden
I'm just your run of the mill roleplayer in a fantasy niche account, wishing to write some semi para to multi para roleplays with you wonderful beings. This account specializes in fantasy, specifically characters that aren't entirely human, for example elves, fauns, dragonewts, mermaids etc.

If you have any ideas, hit me up and we'll discuss something! I don't bite... Hard.

Reading my rules is a must, non negotiable.

If I don't reply in 24+ hours, remind me please!

Also... I am disabled, and I have a lot of chronic pain. I may not always be able to reply, either cause I am in hospital or my condition has worsened. Please do not act childish over this.

Latest Status

Well, that's it for what I'll do tonight. Hope to see you all tomorrow!
2  Jan 22nd 2022 16:08

Latest Questions

Q. Hey, still interested in our roleplay?
A. Yep, just taking a lil break from the site as a whole due to hospital stuff!
 Oct 31st 2021 17:55

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Sure do~
 Oct 4th 2021 13:31

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