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(Luna )
23 / Female / Single
City of Stars :'), United Kingdom
Heyo people!

When asked to describe myself in a single word, I love using "raconteur".

Raconteur : noun; a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way, a storyteller, a spinner of yarns etc.

Simply put, I'm a budding architect with a strong affinity for literature...
Infact it was my alternative career plan.

So, people who share my love for story telling are more than welcome to co-author some (roleplays) with me. My go-to genres are mentioned. Apart from those I might just be up for discussions for more. So please don't shy away from bringing 'em ideas on the table. I prefer attempting to be as flexible as possible and like to discuss ideas in detail on private chats instead of directly jumping into "business" right away.
A thorough hoe for angst and the enemies to lovers trope, I relish slow burn on a different level altogether. (Period drama- ish settings get absolute brownie points thanks to the lil history geek in me) :P

P.S. I have always been a sucker for morally grey characters usually labelled as "villains" or "tortured heroes". So if you're into darker, twisted themes feel free to discuss them openly as well. No judgement here! ^ ^

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