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18 / Female / Single
Alaska - United States
I am a literate roleplayer who has been roleplaying for almost ten years now, I take full interest in every story as long as it's not incest, anything else though I am honestly fine with it. I love medieval roleplay, fantasy, romance, adventure, I do both original verses as well as canon verses. if you want to roleplay just add me and message me!

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Q. It's okay. Anyway, can you please respond to it?
A. Inhave
 Jun 20th 2018 20:32

Q. Hi there, did you get my message from 16 days ago?
A. Probably not so sorry
 Jun 20th 2018 17:58

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Hi there, LunaAngelDagger! Wanna continue our roleplay from a month ago?
Mar 8th 2020 15:44

Thanks For The Add ^^
Feb 9th 2020 13:51

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