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(Lulu The Faery)
16 / Other / In Love
Tir Na Nog , United States
Plots n fandoms ----->
Hey! I'm Luna/Willow/Celestia! But please, call me Lulu, Will or Celeste (My pronouns are They/Moon/He)! I am currently 16 years old and I have 7-8 years of roleplaying experience. I am a practicing eclectic witch of 6 years and enjoy my path. I do both fandom and non-fandom roleplays, which I have plots for. All of my roleplaying stuff is on google docs so don't mind that I'm simply too lazy to transfer everything.
If you knew me when I first joined at 12 no you didn't lmao (my way of apologizing I was so annoying). With all of that being said have a nice day! Also, remember I am a dark romance writer. I LOVE writing dark themes and find comfort in most things dark and gruesome. I can range from one liners (depending on my brain function and insperation level) to three plus paragraphs and I take pride in my writing. I do write a lot of triggering topics and so my roleplay partner ages range from 15/16 to in their twenties or even thirties, BUT if you are over the age of 18 sm*t will NOT be roleplayed for the safety and well being of both parties. I myself had to grow up too soon so I have some adult responsibilities as a minor BUT if you are over 18 you cannot be sexual with me or any of my oc's, yes I love romance and roleplays may lead up to sm*t but it will not be roleplayed instead it will be completely timeskipped.
I do not mind the roleplay length of my roleplay partner as long as I can understand and build off of it BUT I cannot read roleplays that are build like the script to a play. that means no *,(), ect when roleplaying it's hard to understand that structure for me.

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I need a good killer x victim trope in the scream universe (first movie)
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