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Lucky13's Blog

|[ Writing Sample ]|

Rory woke up one morning, the light shining in his eye. Today was the last day of his job, and he couldn't wait to be done with it! Finally, he could leave home, and start a new life. As he got up and showered, he heard Mom and Dad yelling and fighting again. He just ignored it, drying his his hair and making sure he was presentable. And then his phone rang.

"Hello?" He answered, and it was his boss. And as he was surprised to hear the outcome. "What...right now? So so so....let me get this right. You don't need me in, you're paying me anyway, and letting me go? Well...thank you. I appreciate the opportunity, and it's helped. But it's time to go my own way." He spoke, and then they said goodbye. And he spent little time, grabbing his camera, and the first thing he was going to do? Was see his best friend.
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|[ Connections ]|

@Ariii = Apocalypse Buddy! A great person, and lived through the dead together. for better or worse? You're stuck with me as a friend.

@ALEXIS_K = A WWE Superstar. I met Alexa at a fan event, and honestly? We chatted more than we should. An absolute pleasure to be around. WWE is a great place, and I'm glad she's there. Her 'Standing Moonsault' move is amazing to watch!
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|[ 'Lucky' Rory Powell ]|


Full Name: Rory Powell
Nickname: Lucky
Age: 27
Birth Date: April 26th 2001
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight
Place of Birth: London, England
Current Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Filmmaker/Photographer


Colour: Blue
Number: 38
Food: Pizza (Pepperoni)
Drink: Whiskey
Movie: Avengers Endgame
TV Series: Loki
Music Artist Currently: Bring Me The Horizon
Song Currently: BLACKPINK - Pink Venom
Music Artist Of All Time: Alter Bridge
Song Of All Time: Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones

Father: David Powell (Deceased)
Mother: Ashley Powell (Deceased)
Sister: Lisa Powell-Yang (In Another Country)
Brother: Masen Powell (Unknown)
Brother: Reuben Powell (Unknown)
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Rules blow. But we don't live without em. So here.

- I have a life out in the world. I touch grass. Don't be mad if I don't reply right away.
- I will not add anyone under 18. Same goes for if you have a character under 18.
- You don't necessarily need to come with an idea, but don't come with nothing at all in mind.
- I'm against EVERYTHING to do with Rape, Kidnapping and anything in-between. Don't bring that.
- Be kind to others. If you're an ass? I can fight fire with fire. Deal with it.

Reply with your luckiest moment if you've read them.
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