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Ireland sat down beside a tree she planted with Wales and Scotland years back and leaned against it closing her eyes. Soon burying her face in her knees once she started to cry. She did not like the chaos or stress that was going on right now...all of it made her heart ache more than ever.
0  Nov 30th 2019 20:14

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. || <3 Thanks Laddy!
 Nov 29th 2019 12:42

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He groans and nods"alright one kiss for my hat."
Nov 29th 2019 16:48

He catches up to you and sighs"can i please have my hat back i need to for tonight."
Nov 29th 2019 16:26

He remembers he has rope as he grabs it as he throws it around and throws it at you wrapping you up"guess thoses wangler classes payed off!"
Nov 29th 2019 16:18

He was a blushing mess and as he chases after you"GET YA ASS BACK HERE WITH MY HAT!"
Nov 29th 2019 16:12

"No give me my hat back! Good lord everyone loves to take my hat hmph."
Nov 29th 2019 16:07

He squeaks as he was pecked as he had a red face and hides his face with his hat.
Nov 29th 2019 15:59

"Yeah kinda have to be when living in texas."
Nov 29th 2019 15:53

"Sure thing i don't mind i love handling bulls just something about them makes me excited to get out there and take them all on."
Nov 29th 2019 15:47

" so do i... but I've made friends! Swiss is really sweet she smakes me chocolates!" She giggled softly humming," and SK let's me read fanfiction too!!"
Nov 29th 2019 15:42

"Hell yeah best sport in texas got some of thoses big ass bulls."
Nov 29th 2019 15:42