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“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." - St. Francis of Assisi


I have been writing for over ten years, and have a strong passion for doing so. I take pride in any work I produce and I expect the same from my writing partners. This means mostly good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, I am not one to correct you obsessively as I understand mistakes are to be made. On the subject of that, I also tend to write a lot, somewhere between three and eight paragraphs at a time, and I won't accept to roleplay with anyone that is below that as I find it dull and restricting.

I'm obviously over the age of 18, and I do not and will not interact with minors. If you are a minor that is thinking about adding me, don't. I will not accept and mostly likely block you as it is obvious you haven't read this. N*FW is fine, as long as it makes sense to the plot and the situation, I will never do pure sm*t nor will I accept requests from N*FW accounts. Believe it or not, it's boring. Plot is key to any writing. It is the backbone for which the flesh and autonomy of the writing will be based upon.

As far as pairings go, I do MxM, MxF, and MxNB. I have no preference for this, so please do communicate what you want with me and I'll be more than happy to accept or deny you. My characters are all male, and that is something I won't budge on, as I am a man and that is what I am comfortable with. I have no problem with others who switch up their gender though.

My profile is a safe zone; any sexuality, any gender identity, any race, any disability, and anybody who feels they are not welcome by my cold tone, then I welcome you with warmth. There will be no bigotry here, and I will not accept any form of bullying or phobic behaviour or belittling here. Everyone is welcome. That being said, I also don't accept any negative behaviour in my DMs either. If you can't get down with this, then f*** off.

My genre's that I use seem to be never-ending. I do romance, sci-fi, dystopia, utopia, fantasy, supernatural, medieval, historical/period, horror, gore, mafia, retro, taboo, crime, war/military, psychological, paranormal/hauntings, modern, folklore, biblical, southern gothic, and some fandom [although I'd prefer if you asked me about this if you would like canon].

I have plenty of oc's that you can pick from based on your preferences, I can and will provide their details when and if I'm asked. I have a wide variety that I've been working on for a number of years, and I'm very fond of certain ones. However, I do not expect you to have full biographies for your oc's, a simply description and a picture will do, but please - no anime/manga/kpop/wrestling.

If you read through all that, I salute you. I look forward to role-playing with you.

"Death is the penalty we all pay for the privilege of life." - Robert Half

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