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(Katie Williams)
21 / Female / Broken Hearted
Milky Way, Canada
Hey people my name is Katie! I would love to roleplay with everyone, but I may not get back to you as fast as you think. Because I have other things to do, such as sleep, eat, go outside and be socially awkward. Things like that. Anyway, just know that I will get back to whoever sends me a message as soon as possible. Also please don’t just say “Who should start.” Please have a plot ready or a plot idea we could talk about. I need details to work on. Thanks for understanding!

If you would like to Roleplay or talk with me than please message me that would be great! Also, if we roleplay than my OCs are in my blog with their descriptions.

Have a great day everyone~

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Q. How happy are you?
A. Currently? Amazing!
 Oct 28th 2022 01:40

Q. Ok. No particular time. I am usa. What's your timezone ?
A. Mountain Time
 Nov 11th 2021 22:46

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I want you so badly
Nov 2nd 2022 18:50

I got discord if you’re interested
Oct 6th 2022 03:08