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(Katie Williams)
18 / Female / Broken Hearted
Milky Way, Canada
Hey people my name is Katie! I would love to roleplay with everyone but I may not get back to you as fast as you think. Because I have other things to do, such as sleep, eat, go outside and be socially awkward. Things like that. Anyway just know that I will get back to whoever sends me a message as soon as possible. Also please don’t just say “Who should start.” Please have a plot ready or a plot idea we could talk about. I need details to work on. Thanks for understanding!

If you would like to RolePlay or talk with me than please message me that would be great! Also if we roleplay than my OC's are in my blog with their descriptions (their pictures aren’t working at the moment so give me a little and I’ll get that done).

Side note: If you want to add me go right again, I add pretty much eveyone back. But please, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, please don’t add me than unadd me. That truly pisses me off. If we start talking or role playing and you don’t like whatever we are doing, don’t just leave. We can talk about it and fix it. This is one of my only rules and I hope you can respect it.

(P.S. I have been very busy lately due to life, school, and family at the moment. If I don’t respond right away just know I’m busy. If I don’t respond to you in four or more days feel free to send me a message. Thanks)

Have a great day everyone~

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