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(Ivy Oynx)
24 / Female / Single
Biite me, Florida - United States
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Darling, I am not new to roleplaying! I have been escaping since the age of 12! But I am quite rusty since my adult life has been stealing a lot of my time sadly!

Doms are very welcomed :3 ❤

I read A LOT! So there is a high chance a idea for a plot will be inspired by a book that I am reading.. I'm sorry, if you give me a chance to talk about the book I will talk your ear off!

I try to make time to watch anime! But my shows are definitely angry up with me because I've been neglecting them...

I hope you will enjoy your stay! <3

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My dears, I leave my account logged in 24/7 so please don't think I'm ignoring you.
2  Jun 30th 2022 17:32

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You're very welcome!
Jun 23rd 2022 01:08

Yes, of course! Mine is Lobo_Demon#7594
Jun 23rd 2022 01:02