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(Ivy Oynx)
25 / Female / Single
Biite me, Florida - United States
Hi! I'm seeking stories that contain dark themes! Romance is a must! Most of the time my genre's will stay within fantasy, paranormal, romance and occasionally sci-fi (although I haven't explored much of sci-fi). If you are interested please send me a friend request, but after you've read through my rules!

Settings: Medieval to modern..
Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy-to-high fantasy, supernatural, dark/angst, mafia

Length is very much contextual.

Submissive.. Although ya girl likes the adult stuff, I would prefer that there is a balance between the spice and the noodles.

Before adding please view

Darling we all need an escape... So let me help you escape <3

I read a lot and watch anime in my spare time. I used to write a lot, but I've been out of touch with it for a while now. I am trying to get back into it. I am seeking those who are more on the literate end! I do not like one liners, or even just two lines. It doesn't keep the attention or interest.

I hope you will enjoy your stay! <3

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You're very welcome!
Jun 23rd 2022 01:08

Yes, of course! Mine is Lobo_Demon#7594
Jun 23rd 2022 01:02