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(Mia Fujimori)
21 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
If it wasn't too obvious by the aesthetic of this profile, I love girly bullsh*t. This includes romance, and lots of it. Slow Burn, Fast Burn, Established Relationship, Yaoi, Yuri, Straight, Monster/Human, doesn't matter. I. Love. Romance.

I was gonna make this profile with a gimmick, like, "Ooooh, you're ordering your one true love from a witch, who knows what will happen~" But let's be real; A lot of y'all don't read profiles, and just sorta steam-roll right through in-character accounts. I'm not in the mood to be picky, just gimme your character and lemme love 'em. L*wdness is fine, I'll post a kink list later.