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(Lou sub.waifu)
19 / Female / Single and Looking
Budapest, Hungary
I'm a rather experienced roleplayer, but I'm always up to something new, so.. show me your world!
I'm both open for roleplays in general or just a friend to talk to, but please don't mix the two! I enjoy mostly third person, literate, 3-4 paragraphs - medieval or ancient fantasy romance roleplays, I prefer if it includes N*FW / sm*t too, but it's up to you. I only play as submissive female characters, I'd like my partner to be a dominant male if possible.
Although "dominant" means what it means to you, I'd be more comfortable if you'd read the rules below, in the blogs.. Thank you so much!
If you have any rules, send it to me in PM or I'll see it in your posts. If you're not comfortable / don't like something, don't be afraid to tell me

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Nice seeing you
Feb 12th 2020 00:18

How are you
Aug 28th 2019 01:16