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15 / Female / Its Complicated
Texas - United States
Hello! ^^ Please take the time to read my information before messaging me if you can. I would appreciate it if you knew my roles and rp style. I will have captions telling what the paragraph is about to you dont have to read the less important ones that you dont really need to know.


Romance: For the romance, I'm perfectly fine with it. But dont expect my character to just be ok with it right away. Relationships take time and effort.. it's not just fine someone and sleep with them that night if that makes sence. I have to have good story in between the special moments, I need it interesting and as if it were an achual book. Otherwise I get board and stop messageing..
Harassment/messaging: If you friend me you send the first message. If you do not send anything.. lets say you got busy and forgot.. I will message you once its been five days. If I do not get a reply back after two days I will remove you from my friends list. If you do not message me for a week I will messgae you, if I think we're not completly dead.. and if you do not reply in two days I will remove you from my list. Outside of rp romance isn't invited.. I would like to talk to you like a normal human please.. If you friend me only to talk sh*t about me for whatever reason just don't. Stay away. I really dont have time for you and I promise I will fight back and it wont be to good sence all I say is just the truth and I've had to deal with to many people talking crap on me. I'm done with it. Be a kind person to all people and everyone will treat you with the same respect. I will treat you how you treat me.

(Rp Information)

I can and will do just about any kind of rp. Romance is my favorite but that doesnt mean I wont or cant do other kinds or maybe mix action with the romance or whatever. I have the most exsperiance doing pet X master from my other account. If your interested this is the user name: RoseDust. I'm better playing as younger ages such as 6-14. But of course I can goover or under the age if you arnt comfordable doing the younger ones. I try my best to keep the rp interesting and going for a decent amount of time. I've achually kept one going for more than two mounths but thats only because the person I was doing it with was amazing and helped keep it all interesting aswel. I'm still in the rp with him and he's curently my favorite to rp with. User: Anh_Ca. Check him outif your interested. My rp style is around 2-6 lines and never 1 liner unless I'm stuck and dont know what to say. I'd rather not rp with a one liner but I can make it work. (Only for a short amount of time though)