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I'm trying to get to everyone I owe responses to, if you need to send me a nudge.
0  Nov 15th 2021 00:51

Latest Questions

Q. Hey, would you like to start a new role play
A. yeah
 Jul 15th 2021 14:34

Koi_Boi asked the question
Q. Hey, are you all good?
A. Not really. A lot is going on right now.
 Nov 17th 2020 20:36

Latest Comments

May 24th 2021 11:52

Hi, thanks for accepting my friend request! Let me know if you ever wanna rp. :D
Jan 7th 2021 23:32

He likes Boys Lexy/Rose
Jul 21st 2020 04:14

Paralyzer : Finger Eleven
Jun 13th 2020 11:10

Ruby by Kaiserchiefs
May 22nd 2020 13:47

Boys will be bugs-Cavetown♥
Apr 28th 2020 18:06

Thank you for responding to me sir!
Apr 13th 2020 05:00

heyy... cant seem to message you...
Mar 11th 2020 13:12

Hi there, LonesomeOne! Wanna continue our roleplay discussion from 22 days ago?
Mar 8th 2020 17:45