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(Hana Undine)
23 / Male / Single
Kansas - United States
It's not the best I can do but it'll do given the timeframe, enjoy:

If you find yourself curious on this account know that I'm pretty friendly and just looking for people to chat and share some laughs with. Rp is fine also.

I'm only against friend collectors, fake people who keep their hands on the block button while smiling in your face, and those who do nothing but think about getting laid.

Outside of that, I prefer third person rps usually in the slice of life genre with open people because trying to get something discussed with a brick wall is impossible.

If you haven't read the bio, I suggest you do if you want your character close to this one so you'll understand a bit of where he's coming from.

I'll only allow romance and the like rp from those either I get along with, or those who respect Hana. If you beg for it or ask constantly, it'll just annoy me and I'll probably delete you. However if you are willing to engage in what I want, then I'll return the favor somehow.

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Alright tomorrow I'll be getting some time. Replies should be tomorrow.
0  Jan 19th 2021 19:00

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