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33 / Male / Forever Alone
Insanity - United States
I am but six cats in a trench coat, that writes and draws a lot. I love OOC chatter and roleplaying alike, however I have so many disorders that make life exhausting. So while I am almost always open to chat I'm not always open to reply every day. I'll do my best but sometimes I am slow. Now let me tell you about some of my children~
-Adothan- A grim reaper in a manner of speaking
-Beyond Birthday- If you know him, you know him
-Cian-A very old vampire trapped in the body of a 16 year old....He never really finished maturing and has an odd obsession with french fries
-Jaitara-A god with amnesia
-Orian-A vampire who's having a really hard time keeping up with the changing times
-Vittore-A vampire who just really wants a partner, also he escaped from a secret lab that was experimenting on supernatural beings
-Frænir-An often grumpy dragon
-Loki-Not to be confused MCU Loki, he IS the god of mischief he's just technically an OC
-Hades-much the same as Loki, god of the underworld in OC form
-Tyr-You know the drill. I just really like Norse mythology OK
-Cadence-A very short half elf who's just trying to leave behind a life of crime (was created for DnD you see)
-Guaddian-Just a single dad trying to take care of his little boy in a fantasy world
-Jay-A schizophrenic serial killer with an odd sense of justice
I also have a few fantasy plots you are free to ask about.
Have a lovely day/night.

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