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(Loser Light)
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United States
(Hey there I’m LoLightwithin also known as Lo. If you add me please know that I won’t be able to always reply immediately, I do have things to do. And sometimes I come on for a little bit but don’t actually get to replies, so just be patient with me. You should also know that I mainly do bxb but I’m fine with anything. Anyways thanks for checking out my account. I’m gender fluid I prefer they/them pronouns since I won’t be misgendered then, but I’m fine with being called whatever just call me bitch if you want lmao. Just hmu if you wanna roleplay or get to know me. I am demisexual.)
Do you ever just feel useless? Like no matter what you do you’ll never be good enough? I can’t even express myself, everything is just trapped in my mind begging to come out but it can’t. I don’t get it why can’t I express myself why can’t I just let people in? I guess I’m afraid of being abandoned again. But nobody wants me around since I can’t be myself. I guess I really am just a loser.
○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○● Rules:
1. If you add me please send me a message.
2. Don’t control my characters or tell me that I’m playing them wrong especially not if they’re OCs
3. If I don’t respond after 24 hours then feel free to send me a message to see what’s going on or if I’ve just been busy
@Caustic is an amazing roleplayer as well as an amazing person. Please add him. He deserves only the best roleplays and friends. I don’t deserve having him in my life. I love everything he writes and he’s super supportive. I’m so lucky to have met him. He’s so p u r e a n d p r e c i o u s. I will protect him at all costs
He is the love of my life, soo hurt him and you die.
@MultifacetedDarkness is an amazing person. I haven’t made many friends on this website lately and I love most of the ones I had. So it’s just really nice finally having someone to talk to again. Ah he’s also a really amazing role player! Definitely add him ^^
@H2O is an amazing roleplayer and I’m so glad I met them. We have like 300+ pages of roleplay for just one roleplay. I still never get bored of it. In fact it still manages to make me cry at times. I just can’t. I can’t believe we’ve been roleplaying for over a year. That’s just crazy to think about. Thank you sooo much for putting up with me for so long~
Other Accounts: @GodsPerfectMistake @DepressoEspresso
Discord: LoLightwithin#6566
Skype: LoLightwithin
Snap Chat: LostLightwithin

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Added two new characters and updated Vio.
3  Nov 12th 2020 01:58

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H2O asked the question
Q. Are you gay for me? just curious ~
A. Is that even a question? Of course I am
 Sep 21st 2020 11:40

caustic asked the question
Q. why you so amazing ? <3
A. Omg shut upppp. You areee
 Jun 19th 2020 02:29

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Hey, Is everything alright friend? :(
Apr 9th 2020 05:00

It's fine.
Feb 22nd 2020 09:27

I see I see.
At one point, I was going to say we are hardly close as we don't interact very much on this account. I believe we have met on another but even then, I can't say we are close... pretty sad somewhat. You seem like a decent friend.
Feb 21st 2020 07:38

Have you cleared out your list?
Feb 21st 2020 07:32

I'm going to have to complain to @AquaBlue for convincing me to add you. Replying to you is addictive.
Jan 23rd 2020 02:00

I wanna cry, the site isn't letting anyone message or put up statuses, the best we can do is comment on other's pages
Apr 24th 2017 16:07

Lolight come back online T-T
Apr 12th 2017 00:01

Thankyou :3 I love our roll plays too and I always look forward to when you're online
Mar 26th 2017 23:28

Lolight! Come back online I miss you!
Mar 20th 2017 15:47