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19 / Female / Single
Buffalo, New York - United States

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Briwell asked the question
Q. Are you asking if i have a kik
A. Yea
 May 31st 2017 13:24

Q. Why u stop roleplaying with me?
A. My cousin is dying
 Apr 23rd 2017 21:23

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Jun 29th 2019 01:10

May 22nd 2019 06:37

Hello, how are you?
Mar 30th 2019 22:04

Mar 15th 2018 22:28

What is up, Drama Alert nation. It's your host, killer memestar. Jk. Okay, so. Hi. Thanks for the acceptance and sh*t. If you ever feel like talkin' or roleplaying. Or discussing Hitler's revival. Just hit me up. Chao.
Mar 26th 2017 12:55